Office of Performance Improvement & Innovation

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What is Continuous Improvement (CI)

The American Society for Quality defines Continuous Improvement as “an ongoing effort to improve products, services or processes. These efforts can seek ‘incremental’ improvement over time or ‘breakthrough’ improvement all at once.”

What does Performance Improvement do

Performance Improvement provides management consulting services to all of Louisville Metro Government. Performance Improvement staff facilitate cross-functional teams tasked with solving known problems, which span multiple departments or stakeholders within Metro Government. We offer training to Metro leadership, management and employees in continuous improvement methodologies including Lean, Plan-Do-Check-Act Problem Solving, Six Sigma process improvement, project management, as well as overall management best practices.

Improvement Stories: Learn how Louisville Metro Government’s departments and agencies are using Continuous Improvement (CI) tools and methodology to increase efficiency, improve quality of service, and cascade improvement efforts throughout Louisville Metro