Office of Performance Improvement & Innovation

CNet’s Urban Smart Home is a 1,400 square foot apartment that CNET has filled with the latest technology to automate living spaces and connect them with data that can put them in the fast lane for the digital age. It’s a natural extension of the CNET Smart Home, a suburban showcase home in Louisville that CNET owns and has been using to test and report on the latest home tech for the past several years.

The best part of CNET’s approach is that it’s not focused on technology for the rich-and-famous. Instead, it’s testing off-the-shelf tech that anyone can find at a local retailer and integrate into their living space.

The Office of Civic Innovation smart city initiatives aren’t just focused on internal initiatives like making gigantic buildings more energy efficient. Rather, it has focused its efforts on things that have a direct impact on the community, such as crowd-sourced air quality studies, crowd-sourced bandwidth speed testing across the community, and a partnership with Waze to help manage traffic congestion with data.