Office of Performance Improvement & Innovation

Mission Statement:

The Office of Civic Innovation builds data and technology platforms to ready our government for our community’s digital future

Vision Statement:

Our vision is that Louisville Metro is prepared for emerging technologies to ensure our entire community reaches its full potential.

Innovation team picture


The Louisville Metro Innovation Team was established in 2011 as part of the pioneer cohort of Bloomberg innovation teams. While funded by Bloomberg, the i-team took on challenges such as Vacant & Abandoned Properties, Wet/Dry Recycling, and Public Wifi.

This work supported Mayor Fischer’s overall strategy for the city by working on some of the biggest identified challenges in Louisville Metro as a community and as an enterprise. In 2015, the Bloomberg funding ended and the i-team merged with the Office of Performance Improvement to become the Office of Performance Improvement and Innovation (OPI2).

Grace Simrall, Chief of Civic Innovation & Technology, talking about Civic Innovation

What does the Office of Civic Innovation do?

Since 2015, the i-team has focused on community-focused technology projects, also known as Smart City projects. These projects aim to transform our government’s relationship with the community and to transform government operations through the effective use of technology and data.

Some of our initiatives include the CNET Smart Apartment, which allows us to test how the Smart City and the Smart Home will interact, Waze Data Partnership, which allows us to understand the real-time and historical traffic issues in our community, and Digital Inclusion, which seeks to increase equity in regards to access to technology and the internet.