Office of Performance Improvement & Innovation


Portrait of Grace Simrall

Grace Simrall

Chief Director of Civic Innovation & Technology
Portrait of Daro Mott

Daro Mott

Chief Director of Performance Improvement
Portrait of Mary Hampton

Mary Hampton

Senior Data Scientist
Portrait of Ed Blayney

Ed Blayney

Civic Technology Manager (DoIT)
Portrait of Matthew Gotth-Olsen

Matthew Gotth-Olsen

Innovation Project Manager
Portrait of Rob Garcia

Rob Garcia

Process Consultant
Portrait of Kaci Grant

Kaci Grant

Senior Organizational Development Consultant
Portrait of Michael Schnuerle

Michael Schnuerle

Data Officer
Portrait of Carmen Moreno-Rivera

Carmen Moreno-Rivera

Senior Process Consultant
Portrait of Rebecca Hollenbach

Rebecca Hollenbach

Senior Performance Coach
Portrait of Sioban King

Sioban King

Executive Assistant

Current Innovation Fellows